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Our Mission
Welcome to West Of The 1, home of the Original Head Hammock.
The Original Head Hammock is a lightweight & comfortable headrest made with the highest quality materials- enabling anyone the opportunity to comfortably enjoy the outdoors. Its sturdy, collapsible frame makes it portable and small enough to carry in any beach bag or purse. The head hammock keeps your head suspended in pillow-like comfort while protecting you from direct contact with the ground. No sand in your hair, no sore neck while you read, and the best way to enjoy your relaxing day in the sun! With a built-in security pocket, naps on the beach are worry-free while your cell phone and keys are securely tucked below. A must-have for any beach-goer or outdoor fanatic!
Pacific Coast highway is our backyard, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others wrote songs about it- and  we want to help you enjoy everything to the ‘West’ of this perfect piece of coastline (or wherever you prefer to relax).  Thank you for stopping by and learning a bit more about our mission.   We truly appreciate the love and support and look forward to this journey with each and every one of you.  
Meet our founder Kerem and his beautiful fiance - Relaxing in style on their head hammocks